Halifax & District Amateur Radio Society “HADARS” – G2UG

Halifax & District Amateur Radio Society in Yorkshire, England is know “HADARS” and operates callsign G2UG.

The Club meets every Tuesday at the Church of the Good Shepherd, New Road, Mytholmroyd, HX7 5EA (adjacent to Mytholmroyd railway station) starting at 19:00hrs. These meetings might include construction, discussion, teaching, sessions on air, Morse training or other activities.

Club Home is the official Club website and gives current information about the Club, where we meet and when etc.

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The RSGB broadcast the Amateur Radio news every Sunday on various frequencies on Short Wave and VHF using the call-sign GB2RS. You can also listen to or subscribe their Podcast

News Schedule

Local Broadcasts – Sundays at:-

09.30      145.525 MHz FM within West Yorkshire

National Broadcasts – Sundays at:-

09.00      3.650 MHz Single Sideband from Bristol
10.00      3.650 MHz Single Sideband from Bletchley Park
10.30      7.150 MHz Single Sideband from Bristol
13.00      3.650 MHz Single Sideband from Bletchley Park
14.30      7.150 MHz Single Sideband from Bletchley Park
18.00      3.650 MHz Single Sideband from Bristol
21.30      1.990 MHz Single Sideband from various UK locations

M0EZP’s Club activities…


The Hobbit Inn, Norland, near Halifax – May 2010

Field behind The Hobbit Inn, Norland, near Halifax

Norland is an upland area to the south-west of Halifax and has been inhabited since pre-historic times. The picture below is of Ladstone Rock. The place names in this part of the West Riding are typically Norse on the hilltops and Celtic in some of the western valleys. Lad in norse means pile or heap which makes some sense.

Ladstone Rock, Norland

Manor House Farm, Lower Wyke – 17th April 2010.

Peter G0JKW luckily has family connections which allowed us to use this excellent spot for the tests with great take off to the south in particular.Click to zoom and see the Halifax and District ARS mast erecting mobClick to zoom and see the mast

Click to zoom - Many cooks make light work!

Rishworth and The Royal Oak (with video), May 2007

Shows most of the members of HADARS in May 2007 both at Rishworth and in the gloom of the room at the Royal Oak, Halifax, where Colin M5AEH demonstrated a Van De Graaff generator.

Click on the image of Tony, John and Maurice to view the gallery

Tony G0DLX and Maurice G3MMK Easter 2007

Tony G0DLX and Maurice G3MMK (SK) Easter 2007 - click to zoomAn enjoyable afternoon out visiting Tony G0DLX (left) with Maurice G3MMK (right), both sadly now silent-key and Gary 2E0GSC (not in picture).

We helped Tony to raise a new delta loop aerial and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

These two gentlemen were engineers who have been at the height of technological endeavour in electronics and radio.

I am incredibly grateful to them both for their guidance in my construction projects.

Brighouse Charity Gala at Wellholme Park, June 2005

Geoff, Des & Tom - click to zoomGeoff G0PFH (left) operating HF from his ICOM-706 into a 40m longwire via his auto-tuner and Tom M0TKA (right)

During the afternoon, a number of distant european stations were worked.

A number of locals dropped in – Des G3JWN (SK) (centre), David G6OCD & Michael G1XCC. One enterprising youngster asked if we might be able to broadcast any of his group’s material (Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin style)!