LG Premium EZ Digital Fridge Freezer – FIXED error code ER FF

lg-premium-ez-digital-fridge-freezer-gr-l207dvzaThe American style LG Premium EZ Digital fridge freezer, with ice maker and chilled water dispenser (model LG GR-L207DVZA), worked well for ten years and then after a couple of week’s away the error code ER FF was on the display and items in the fridge section had frozen (drinks cans burst etc). Looking up LG’s error code ER FF indicates the problem is a “Fan Fault”.

Causes of error code ER FF generally point to either an ice build up behind the interior back wall of the freezer section or an actual evaporation fan fault.

Why a faulty fan would cause freezing temperatures in the fridge seemed a little strange to me. Wouldn’t you expect the circulation fan to blow less cold air from the freezer into the fridge if the fan was faulty? Oddly, it was a faulty fan in this case and changing the fan has fixed the problem! I suspect the reasoning may be something to do with the control system when its in a fault mode but I don’t have access to a technical manual.

Switch off the device from the electric supply before attempting anything!

I’m just a tech-savvy member of the general public and not a refrigeration engineer. Don’t attempt this unless you feel you’re up to it. In this case the cost of professional repair was unlikely to be less than £200 which for a ten year old unit didn’t make sense hence DIY.

  1. Tools needed – two screwdrivers you’ll probably have (one cross-head screwdriver and a small slot head screwdriver). Possibly a hair drier or other heater but keep it well away from any water or ice of course!!!
  2. Pull out Ice Maker and empty any ice
  3. Unscrew water feed mechanism at the top of the freezer section. Its held on by just one screw (front right), the other corners just slot in.
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer water unit
  4. Unplug the connectors in the top left of the freezer section – they’re fiddly and all have a retaining clip on one side of them
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer top of freezer
  5. Unscrew the side brackets – there’s just one screw at the front and they pull off.
  6. Take out any glass shelves and baskets
  7. Unscrew the ice crusher – there are four screws holding it in place. Be ready to support it when you pull the last screw out as it is heavy!
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer ice crusher
  8. Unscrew the side brackets that held on this ice crusher otherwise you will struggle to get the back plates out.
  9. Remove the bulb from the upper back plate so that it looks like the image below. Then unscrew the upper back plate (one white screw) in the middle. The plate pulls off if you pull at it carefully – I pulled at the fin at top left and bottom near the bulb housing.
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer back plate of freezer
  10. Carefully pull off the bottom back plate using similar techniques to the last section (there aren’t any screws)
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer fan
  11. Any ice build up in this section will be very visible – I used a hair drier to melt it but in fairness I didn’t see any ice anywhere near the fan.
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer ice build up
  12. The fan is mounted on a further back plate at the top of the freezer section. Unclip its power connection at the top and carefully note how this back plate fits behind that power connector so you know how this goes back! This panel also pulls out with the fan attached.
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer fan
  13. To replace the fan motor. Carefully note how the wiring is clipped into this back board. The fan motor is held in a plastic ‘sandwich’ – you unscrew the two screws that hold the back part on to the front by putting your screwdriver between the fan blades.
  14. The motor shaft will pull off from the plastic housing if you’re careful so you don’t need to take the circlip off – it will push back on.
    lg premium ez digital fridge freezer fan motor

Buying a replacement motor

I found a replacement motor quite easily. It’s rated at 13V DC and the part number of the motor I took out is 4681JB1017D. There seem to be a few variants of this around but I Googled “LG Fan motor 4681JB1017D” and found one which looked like mine.

Putting it back together

I found it fairly straight-forward just replacing bits in reverse of taking it apart. Good luck!

Water Cooler

water-coolerYou may well find that the water cooler has frozen solid – if this is the case, take the bottom drawers out of the fridge section and gently warm up the water cooler with a heater. I did this over about an hour with a hair drier giving it blasts of hot air every few minutes.

Once the water cooler has thawed and you are able to dispense water again – pour off 7 glasses of water to fully flush through new water to the dispenser.


Download model LG GR-L207DVZA manual

Original version: Dec 2016

Revised version: Jan 2018