160m Log Highlights

To some extent DX on the HF bands is to be expected from an antenna that can be small enough to be accommodated in almost any small garden. Top-band is another matter of course, where the average UK town house doesn’t have 250 feet in a line for a dipole or can erect a 130 foot high quarter wave vertical! For most in the UK, Top-band will always be about how to make the most of your ‘compromise station conditions’. With a bit of luck and persistence you can still work DX!

My antenna is home-brew base-loaded inverted-L antenna with a vertical section of around 18-20′ and sloping/horizontal section of around 38′ rising to 33′ above the ground – this is tiny for top-band!!!

Below are a few selected entries from my log:-

For the last few years I’ve entered the WPX SSB contest, concentrating on 160m. I have been pleased to win the 1st place certificate (low power SSB England) in 2005, 2006 and 2007(2244 points).

25Mar20072110CN2RSSBWPXcontestCasablanca, Morocco
25Mar20072101YZ7ASSBWPXcontestSenta, Serbia
25Mar20062327ES1LBKSSBWPXcontestTallin, Estonia
27Mar20052117IV3OWCSSBWPXcontestN.E. Italy
27Mar20052016S57MSSBWPXcontestEast Slovenia
26Mar20052310DA0CASSBWPXcontestWest Germany
26Mar20052308HA0DUSSBWPXcontestEast Hungary
26Mar200522299A6DMSSBWPXcontestNorth Croatia
26Mar20052219YL2KOSSBWPXcontestEast Latvia
26Mar20052018LA9VDASSBWPXcontestNear Oslo, Norway
26Mar200520051840SSBWPXcontestNorth Luxembourg
26Mar20051957SN6CSSBWPXcontestS.W. Poland
26Mar20051856OK5DXSSBWPXcontestNorth Czech Rep
26Mar20051845SO2RSSBWPXcontestCentral Poland
08Feb20052140LA1TNASSB5957Per, 350w Trap-dipole
07Feb20052045CT1EEBSSB59+1059Joe – Estarreja, N.Portugal
01Feb20052157LY2FYSSB59+1058Roli, Mazeikiai, N.Lithuania (after my inverted-L improvements)
29Dec20040008UR4QQFSSB5944Harry running 250w S.E. Ukraine (Zaporozh, Pologu)
13Dec20042055SM6DOISSB59+1055Stan, Nr Gothenberg – using TX:vertical@50m and Rx: 6 x Beverage@60m!