M3EZP Log Highlights

As an M3, my log book had a lot of my CQ calls with no reply but just occasionally I got a QSO (HI!). I was well on my way to working all of Europe. QSOs outside of Europe were not so frequent but I did work North America, South America, Africa and Asia – I suspected I was very reliant on them having a high enough antenna to fish my 10 watts out of the mush!

The log entries below are as M3EZP with red spots. I’m no longer logging M0EZP now although some exceptions are below with blue spots. See my 160m log.

10Jul2004184721253LU4DXSSB5959IARU-HF contest: Argentina
11Jul20041013212704L6AMSSB5959IARU-HF contest: Georgia, Asia
18Apr2004121018157VE5QTSSB5750!Dennis,30m West of Ottawa 400w curtain antenna
11Apr2004193218137KP3AHSSB5555Fernando, Puerto Rico
11Apr2004191021305PY2WCSSB5959Wal,Piraproa (near Sao Paulo, Brazil)
26Mar200420307056UA9CUASSB5755Fred, Krasnouralsk (in the Urals-Asiatic Russia). Furthest east and on 40m!
07Mar20041240181503V8SFSSB5857Mohammed, Sfax (Tunisia)
22Feb2004111224944ZP5MALSSB5959Juan, Asuncion (Paraguay) – v.g sigs!
08Feb200418207054ZA/Z35MSSB59+1053Vlad, Tirana (Albania) – A big pile-up on 40m for his DXperdition – it took some time to land this fish!
08Feb2004114221247PY2VASSB5959Mori, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
08Feb2004112824970CT2IUA/P-AL07SSB5959Miguel, sailed out to AL07 (Cabanas Island, Portugal) for the morning – had QSO earlier on 17m (other QSOs with Miguel, Sierra Island:11Jan04-17m Faro: 22Dec03-17m,28Dec03-12m)
24Jan200415522mG7DJH/M (via GB3MP repeater in North Wales)FM5747-low audioReg, betw.Liverpool & Ormskirk. I was /M, stationary at Hartshead Moor Top – 1km SE from my QTH – 80 miles away from repeater!
02Jan2004141017mUA6UDVSSB5756Alex, Astrakhan (next to Caspian Sea)
01Jan2004151818160OH7OKSSB5757Esko, Nilsia (300km NE of Helsinki), 100w, 3el-Yagi, Cold at -26C!
29Dec2003145824958K2VVSSB4743John, Missouri (Central USA), 200w 3 elem Yagi @15m, Best yet with USA
28Dec200317003726.5PE9DXSSB5855Johan – brief QSO, QRN v.high but proves I can work on 80m!
24Dec2003120518168OM2NWSSB5857Palo, Piestany (100km NE of Bratislava). Both of us on 10w!
30Nov2003093014137F5MLYAM5737Joel, Angouleme (25km from Cognac), difficult but exciting with 10w AM on 20m!