Nestle Employees Radio Club, York – M0NUK (2004-2007)

Nestle Employees Radio Club, York – M0NUK (2004-2007)

The Radio Club at my (sometimes) place of work was founded early in 2004 and through subscriptions and donations of cash from the Social Committee and time and venue from Nestle UK Ltd, we got off the ground. Most of the hard work was down to the commitment of our founder Michael, M0APC, who coached and supervised most of the group through their Foundation (first class 2003, second class 2004) and Intermediate exams (2004).

The club operated from the Nestle UK Ltd, York site, situated about 1.5 miles North of York City Centre. The club HF rig runs up to 100w from a Yaesu FT-840 (bought by the Club). We used a home-brew z-match ATU (built by me!) with a G5RV (on loan from M0APC). We also had 2m facilities using a ‘UPVC pipe’ dipole.

Unfortunately dramatic changes in the work commitments and redundancies of most of the group made ‘on the air’ activities increasingly rare from 2005 on and we decided to close the club in August 2007. The HF transceiver was donated to Thirsk School and Sixth Form College, where we hope it will help encourage new generations of radio enthusiasts. The above pic shows a lunchtime mobile event in the pub. So we did make the effort when necessary!!

The QSL card is of a lunchtime QSO on 17m which took the operator (David M0EZP) completely by surprise… solar minimum, pile up, compromise G5RV antenna and yet the Japanese station operator, name pronounced “Marco”, came straight back to our call giving a 57. He was interested to know about the Club station and kindly allowed a nice QSO before needing to attend to the pile up clammering to work him! A QSL Card was sent by airmail the next day and he kindly responded with his QSL Card also by Airmail, rather than via the Bureau, which was great to receive.

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